Be Wallaby


Our staying prices change according the day wanted.

Night in Glamping

Stay for two people comes with breakfast of your choice included.

Day Dome
Monday to Sunday
$ 450k

Extra accompanying person

Make a plan with your friends in our Glamping. We offer an extra fee that comes with accommodation in the Glamping plus breakfast included. Children under 2 years old, don’t pay extra.


Special Decoration

Let’s celebrate a special moment with us. Our decoration has flowers in the glamping, printed pictures of your election, wine, candles and balloon arrangement.  

Special decoration Dome or hut
Any day in the week
$ 80k
camas de masajes con rosas dentro de un glamping
asado en un glamping de cundinamarca en medio de la naturaleza

BBQ Plan

Kit BBQ: Grill rental. Includes stainless steel grill, crockery for 4 people and the necessary utensils to carry out the barbecue.

Kit BBQ | $50k

Asado para dos personas: 

  • Kit BBQ
  • 400gr of beef
  • 250gr pork rib
  • 2 pork sausages
  • 500gr potatoes pre-cooked
  • 2 soft cobs
  • 200gr pico de gallo
  • 4 beers (BBC cajica, Stella Artois or Coronita)
  • 1 soda 1,5 L
BBQ for 2 people | $100k

Spa Services

Subject to availability from our partnerships.

Plan Duration Price
Romantic Spa (For two people)
$ 220k
Renovation Massage
$ 170k
Deeply Cleansing Facial
$ 140k
Natural SPA
$ 180k
Massage Express (For two people)
$ 170k

Full Plans

Our prices change according to the day you wish to stay.

Night (includes breakfast)
Day Dome or hut
Monday to Sunday
$ 450k
Night + Decoration
Day Dome or hut
Monday to Sunday
$ 530k
Night + Romantic Spa
Day Dome or hut
Monday to Sunday
$ 670k
Night + Romantic Spa + Decoration
Day Dome or hut
Monday to Sunday
$ 750k
Night + BBQ
Día Domo Cabaña
Cualquier dia de la semana
Sujeto al plan a escoger
Sujeto al plan a escoger
Romantic decoration, birthday or anniversary

We decorate our Glamping with balloons, wine, flowers, candles, photos or desserts, among other things to complement your stay.

¡Bienvenido a Wallaby!