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Our service is thought for you..

From renovation therapies, deep cleansing facials to relaxing massages designed for couples. Thanks to our partnership, Wallaby glamping has all the spa services that you prefer.


Romantic Spa

Romantic plan for two people which includes:

Aromatherapy, music therapy, podal relaxation, facial cranial massage, neuro-sedative massage, full body relaxing massage.

Duration: 60 minutes

Terapeutic Massage

Foot massage, neuro-sedative massage, compressive massage, traction and stretching, decontracting and facial cranial acupressure.

Duration: 60 minutes

Natural Spa

Aromatherapy, music therapy, easy skull massage, body peeling with coffee, cell renewal facial mask, full body massage.

Duration: 110min

Renewal massage

Aromatherapy, podal relaxation, facial massage, complete relaxation massage.

Duration 60 minutes

Deeply cleansing

Aromatherapy, facial cleaning, facial peeling, facial toning, opening of pores, extraction of impurities – manual, high frequency facial, mask according to facial type.

Duration: 60min

Express Message

Craneal relaxing, massage and a free facial mask. 

Duration: 30 minutes

Keep in mind

If you have any special physical condition, always let the professional in charge of your session know.

Be in relax mood, don't be afraid to ask questions

Bring property clothes, the spa zone is outsite of glampings.

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Our glamping started proposing an idea to revitalize the touristic industry of the region, not only as a place to connect nature with humans, but also to connect people's inner selves. Thanks to our alliance with MoleArt, we reach the next step to get out goal.

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